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David Barnatt and his wife each have over 20 years of podiatry and chiropody experience.

The Salisbury Road Foot Clinic has been under their stewardship since 1997 and has helped many patients with a variety of foot injuries and ailments.

The clinic operates in an informal atmosphere but with a professional approach to that care and rehabilitation of all patients. Caring for patients and making them feel at ease and comfortable with their treatment is one of the main aims of the clinic.

Why Choose Salisbury Road Foot Clinic?

The clinic operates to the professional standards guidelines of the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists, but maintains a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

We are open 8:45am to 5:30pm weekdays, 6:30pm to 8:30pm Monday & Thursday evening.

Also on the team is Ros Hanson who runs a specialist nail clinic, "Simply Nails", and often makes home visits to patients who are unable to travel into the clinic for their treatment. These visits can be easily arranged and ensure that all our patients are able to receive regular, professional podiatry and chiropody treatments.

Please see our services page to see the areas we cover with this service. Alternatively call us to find out more about our home visits and how they could help you.

At Salisbury Road Foot Clinic we treat a variety of foot conditions as well as offering assistance to those who are unable to maintain the health and hygiene of their own feet.

This routine care includes, but is not limited to, nail clipping, corn and callous removal and skin care. We operate a "Simply Nails" clinic every Thursday morning. We can also perform minor in-grown toenail procedures.

We can help with general foot injuries including sports injuries. "crisis management" is also something we are able to address; this includes foot infections and trauma injuries. Heel pain and walking difficulties can also be overcome through treatment at the Salisbury Road Foot Clinic.

The Foot Conditions we often see to advise and treat in clinic include:

Our Home visiting Service covers a 10 mile radius of the clinic and includes:

Foot pains and aches can be a source of extreme discomfort and can severely affect everyday life. The friendly and informal atmosphere at the Salisbury Road Foot Clinic will put you at ease as you navigate the path to comfort and recovery.